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Name: Jennie Seay
Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to still be stupid.
Current location: Colorado
Work: Nautical charts

I've been drawing since I was little.  It is something that comes naturally to me.  Many of my family members are artistic, including my mom and younger sister and many of my relatives.  I remember writing and illustrating my own stories when I was six, and I have simply continued from there. I enjoy creating things. 

There are many artists that I admire and have influenced me, such as H.J. Ford who illustrated Andrew Lang's Fairy Books, J.W. Waterhouse and other pre-Raphelites, and art nouveau artists like Alphonse Mucha.  I have also drawn upon Disney's animated features (Fantasia is my favorite), Elfquest, anime, animated features like Batman: The Animated Series, and numerous comic books.  While I don't seek to copy a particular style, I try to absorb different aspects to enhance my personal style.  Currently, my favorite artist has got to be Michael Parkes.

My subject matter is inspired from the things that interest me: mythology, role playing games, medieval arms and armor, fairy tales . . . I have pretty eclectic taste, so the list is long and varied.  Most of my drawings are character driven - that is, I try to give a face to a role playing character or a character in a story.  I'm doing my best to work on the weak spots in my work, such as drawing males and backgrounds and working with color.

Random bits about me:
Personality type (Keirsey or Myers-Briggs): iNTj (so-called "scientist" or "mastermind"), NT conceptualist/rational
Astrological signs: Western, Libra. Chinese, Snake (fire).
Favorite colors: grey and green

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