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The Rules

I believe art is supposed to be enjoyed and I like knowing that other people find uses for my drawings.  However, I have put a lot of time and effort into these images and I would rather not see them defaced or abused.

My permission is not required if you are only interested in printing an image for a character portrait or roleplaying prop, or as wallpaper for your computer.  My permission is only required if you intend to display a piece on the web, use my work for a commercial purpose, or if you wish to use my work in a project (crafts, for a tattoo, etc.).

If you want to use my artwork for a webpage, online profile, publication, etc. these are the rules.

1.  You may not alter the image.  This includes coloring, cropping, resizing, using in graphics, or anything else that changes the image from its original size and state.  If you need a piece altered (example, cropped for an avatar), please contact me and let me know what you have in mind, and I will make it for you.  I am really not keen on having my black and white drawings colored, so please let them be.

2.  Copy the graphic to your own website for display on a webpage - don't link to the image from my website.  This is called "bandwidth theft" and it's very annoying.

3.  Don't sell or charge money for my artwork without contacting me about licensing. Don't use my artwork for any commercial purpose without my permission.

4.  Give me credit for the drawing on the page (webpage or printed page) where it is displayed.  Please copy and insert this little piece of HTML:

<a href="http://delusionstudio.com">Drawing © copyright Jennie Seay</a>

5.  Do email me (you can use the form below).  I like knowing where my artwork ends up.  Please wait for me to respond and give the okay.

If you want to use my artwork for a tattoo, I ask that you purchase something. This means buying something with one of my designs from Ellen Million Graphics, or buying a print from me. This can be a print of the desired artwork to show your tattoo artist, or whatever strikes your fancy. I don't care how much (or little) you spend. This is my standing rule. As long as you buy something, you can get the tattoo. Also, I'd appreciate a picture if you do get the tattoo. :-)

If you have a different purpose in mind for one of my pieces, please email me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  If you are not familar with copyright and you wonder if all of this is really necessary, please take the time to inform yourself: What is Copyright?

Email address:
Which piece(s) do you want to use?
What do you want to use them for?
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Graphics, Content, Artwork © Copyright 1989-2005, Jennie Seay
All Rights Reserved - ask for permission before using anything on this page

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