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Available Prints

I can produce professional quality prints of most of the pieces on this site. For simplicity's sake, I am only listing the pieces that may be more popular. Some pieces are available in prints through Ellen Million Graphics. Please inquire about the availability of a print if a different piece interests you, or if you have any other questions about prints let me know by submitting the form below.

Prints are made using heavy matte paper in 8.5x11", 11x14" or 13x19" sizes. They are individually signed. Print info is as follows:

8.5x11" prints have a printable area of about 7.5x10" and are $10.00
11x14" prints have a printable area of about 10x13" and are $14.00
13x19" prints have a printable area of about 12x18" and are $18.00

Choose a print:

Please list any additional desired prints or comments below. If you wish more than one print, make a note of the quantity:

If you want to inquire about having a print made from a piece that is not listed, or ask a question, do so here:

Matted Prints

I can matt any of the prints in a choice of colors. Matted prints are mounted on foamcore. Sizes and prices are as follows:

Any 8.5x11" print matted to fit an 11x14" frame: $18.00
Any 11x14" print matted to fit a 16x20" frame: $25.00
Any 13x19" print matted to fit a 18x24" frame: $30.00

Matt color choices are: Black, Slate Grey, Cream, Hunter Green, Sage Green, Maroon, Red, Navy, Plum (or specify a different color you would like and I will do my best to get it)

If you want to get a matted print, use the box below to type in the print name and two color choices.

Select the payment method you wish to use (or choose inquiry only). I will contact you with instructions about how to procede. Please note that $4 will be added to the total for shipping and handling costs for shipping in the U.S., $6 will be added for orders from other countries.
I would like to use Paypal.
I would like to mail you a check or money order in US funds.
I'm just curious about something and would like a reply.

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