These are the steps I used for a piece called Dark Mysteries: Adria (barmaid).

Adria, stage 1 This is a snapshot of the rough stages of the drawing.  I've got down what I want it to look like, but there's still a lot of shading and some anatomy adjustment to go.  
Adria, stage 2 At this stage I've finished the shading for the figure.  Noticably, I changed her left arm and the positioning of the tray and her hand.  (I ended up having to take some digital camera shots of my own hand holding up a sketchbook to have some reference for drawing her hand.)

I also brought her right elbow up slightly and changed the angle of her right hand (against her hip).  I ended up erasing and redoing the shading on her left shoulder.  I removed the necklace she was wearing.  I also changed her hair slightly, as it looked too stiff.  

Adria, stage 3 And, finally, I added a background.  Took me a while to get an idea I liked that would fit with the limited space I had to work with.  

Ta daa.  

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