These are some of the inbetween stages for Mermaid and the Sailor.

Mermaid stage 1 As Mermaid and the Sailor was drawn while I was at an airport, I didn't have the opportunity to scan the rough sketch or any stages leading up to this.  The image to the left is what I had finished by the time I returned home.  Then it sat around for a few months.  
Mermaid stage 2 What a difference some shading makes . . .

When I returned to the piece and began working on it, I ended up redoing the shading on her upstretched arm, redoing the anatomy of his arm and shoulder, and then finishing the shading.  

At this stage, I thought I was done, but I gathered some comments from friends and ended up refining a few things.  

Mermaid stage 3 The differences between this image and the one above it are very subtle.  Most obvious, I changed some of the shading on his face and his right pant leg.  I just cleaned up the image in general.  

The finished image is here.  

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