date: 5/99
media: mechanical pencil, micron pigma pens, ink on sketchbook paper
dimensions: 14x17

I did most of the pencil in '97 or so. I finished the inking and the giant can opener she is holding, which was originally just a staff. I tried putting in a shadow and background, but I don't know how well they looked which is why I didn't ink them in.

Ever since I saw Fantasia I have been trying to draw centaurs - anyone who can pull off the anatomy and make it look real deserves a round of applause in my book. At the time, this was the one drawing out of dozens of sketches that didn't look like a freak show. I imagine centaurs as being tribal, living on the plains and constantly roaming. You can see her tribal scars on her flank and arm - they resemble the weapon she carries, which is a ceremonial dueling weapon, perhaps unique to her tribe. I especially like her ears. :-)

Please, no comments on her front fetlock. I have been made aware of the problem. I know it exists. There is no possible way to fix it, even if I were so inclined.


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She's beautiful! I see what you mean,but in spite of it I think it doesn't ruin the whole "feeling" of the picture.
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Posted by Tk on 07/06/2005 - 09:19 PM
It's quite good! I especially like the detail and shading!!! Awesome job! ^_~
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Posted by friesianlady on 08/24/2005 - 08:52 PM
I love it the way it is. Fetlock no biggy sometimes ya have to know when to leave it alone.I hate drawing those on horses. smile
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