Commando Bunny (unfinished)
Commando Bunny (unfinished)
date: '99
media: ink, colored pencils on drawing paper
dimensions: 14x17 inches

I'm not exactly sure how this came about. I think my logic went something like this: Watership Down (good book) + anthro (don't draw many anthros) + sci-fi (don't draw much sci-fi) + colored pencils (don't draw much with colored pencils) = Commando Bunny. Fun piece, really (I like the carrot on her gun) but I very much doubt I'll ever finish it.

At any rate, I've never been good with colored pencils. My style leans more toward cross hatching, which is why I have a barely used set of Prismacolors somewhere around here collecting dust (actually I gave the set to Ellen - at least someone is using them). I think this is the only colored pencil piece on my site.

Commando Bunny (unfinished)

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Commando Bunny (unfinished)


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