Remembrance (unfinished and sketch)
Remembrance (unfinished and sketch)
date: 11/00
media: mechanical pencil, drawing pencils on sketchbook paper
dimensions: 9x12 inches

First off, a sketch I found hanging around somewhere:
Remembrance (unfinished and sketch)

And second:
I consider this drawing finished in its unfinished state, and purposefully left it so. This is a drawing of an old character of mine, who has been a bit of a touchstone for me. It's the same character in the sketch above, but here she is older, wiser, mellower. She was fierce and dark and bitter in her youth, but now she can look back on memories good and bad and smile, because it's all a part of her life. In a way it marks a letting go of this character. I learned from her what I needed, and I can let her be happy now.

Remembrance (unfinished and sketch)

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Posted by MB on 11/26/2004 - 09:26 AM
That is so poetic-I love writing can you tell?But I adore drawing just as much.I think it's important for the characters I draw to have a story to go along with them.Plus the two ROCK!
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Remembrance (unfinished and sketch)


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