Make a Wish
Make a Wish
date: 10/99
media: ink on sketchbook paper
dimensions: 11x14 inches
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I wish I'd put a background in this. I originally had her on a flying carpet, but the carpet didn't make it into the inked piece. Probably because I was in a rush to get it in the mail. I have a vague inclination to add a background and/or digitally color this. Unfortunately I no longer have the original, and at the time I wasn't bright enough to make and keep a high resolution tiff file. Arrgg.

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Rough Sketch

Make a Wish

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Posted by Becca on 12/26/2003 - 03:00 AM
Hun, I still have this one. I was about to frame it - If you want it back for a differnt scan, I'll loan it to ya wink

Jennie says: Awesome - that'd be great!

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